Taking inspiration from around the world

Scarves from India, towels from China, knitwear from Italy, cashmere wool from Turkey - for each accessory and every requirement we have excellent manufacturers throughout the world.

Through our many years of experience abroad, we have established steady, professional and friendly ties to the manufacturers with which we work closely. This prompted the opening of offices in two of the top cities for commerce in China. This provides you with a great advantage, because you’ll enjoy optimum conditions through using our already established network paired with our own expertise. It goes without saying that we strive to provide you with only the best in quality – and a service you can rely on. We work exclusively together with SEDEX, Disney or BCCI certified manufacturers, mainly in:

China, Yiwu

  • Known for: jewellery, belts and scarves
  • Private office on site under the direction of SEEMANfashion at Yiwu market, the city’s supplier hot spot
  • Strict quality control at the delivery point

China, Ningbo

  • Known for: shawls, scarves, knitwear and hats
  • Private office with large showroom
  • Good experience with well-known customers from Europe and the USA
  • Successful cooperation with local partners


  • Known for: shawls and scarves
  • Successful and long-term cooperation with one of the most successful producers
  • Specially developed styles for unique merchandise


  • Known for: knitwear and towels
  • Good cooperation with one of the biggest manufacturers in the field (with over 12,000 employees) ensuring large quotas and fast deliveries are possible
  • Long-term experience with renowned clients from both Europe and the USA


  • Known for: knitwear
  • High quality style wool and cashmere wool
  • Extensive brand know-how, with fast delivery
  • Low freight costs through its geographic proximity


  • Known for: shawls, scarves and knitwear
  • High quality style, flattering fabrics
  • Trend inspiration from a European centre for fashion design
  • Fast delivery in Europe due to geographical proximity


It doesn’t stop there. There’s even more we can do for you.

Get detailed information about our services: Through our offices in China, we offer exclusive services which give your business a competitive advantage.

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