We’re more than just a fashion agency

In addition to our services as specialist scouts for trends and running an agency, we are able to offer a unique service: We are represented in China with offices in both Yiwu and Ningbo, both hotspots for fashion suppliers and, indeed, possibly the hottest commercial centres in this rapidly changing country. Because of our local presence there, we can implement the latest trends at will and without delay. We are able to accompany you, should you wish, in visiting local factories and wholesale markets which are used for placing your orders – it goes without saying that we closely follow and monitor your order from conception, up until delivery.

Our Strengths − Your Benefits:

  • Creative Support for up to 12 fashion lines per year
  • Unique individual service with local offices in the Chinese cities of Yiwu and Ningbo
  • Rapid implementation of your order and individual quantities are available
  • Straightforward solutions, deliveries are made on time
  • High quality production from certified manufacturers
  • Expert advice and support – both before the delivery up until the receipt of goods
  • Transparency, Reliability and Trust

Yiwu Service

Yiwu is one of the largest centres for trading goods worldwide. We chose Yiwu, partly due to its pulsating and vibrant fashion scene. With the level and variety of products on offer, Yiwu can no longer be ignored. Here in this city, your products are put on display in huge halls by local dealers; of whom are crucial to penetrating the local market, something we realised very early on. Without Chinese help, it isn’t realistically possible to find reliable producers and complete successful business deals.

For this reason, we have established a branch office - directly on Yiwu Market. From there, we are able to monitor on-going orders locally whilst at the same being able to develop our own styles. This close proximity to Yiwu market offers us the particular advantage of receiving tested quality goods and individual quotas at low prices.

In all our years in the fashion industry, we have established steady and friendly links with manufacturers in China, and have got to know Yiwu extremely well. We would be only too happy to accompany you to the market and assist you in any order placements, should you desire. This makes for a problem free shopping experience in Yiwu - and our help and experience will help make sure you get a competitive advantage.

Ningbo Service

A distribution and sales centre has also been located in Ningbo: a coastal city known for its traditions in trade. Strategically speaking, it’s in a very competitive place due to the connecting port allowing orders to be shipped quickly.

It is also here where we first come into contact with any international influences which are quickly adopted by the producers situated in the area. So, this is a city which spawns consistently interesting and unique collections that frequently break new ground.

SEEMANNfashion has a base here with its own office and a showroom. It is here that we can present you our collections and immediately implement any ideas at the drop of a hat. To aid this, we benefit greatly from our contacts with local producers. We will all too gladly support you with plenty of know-how and experience, individually suited to your requirements.

It is worth noting, that in China, Ningbo is known and prides itself for supplying the highest possible hygiene standards.

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